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Headwater Streams Webinar Series: Mapping and Planning


The DEC Hudson River Estuary Program and Hudsonia Ltd are pleased to offer a 3-part webinar series dedicated to the values, identification, and protection of our small headwater streams.

In the second session of this webinar series, our presenters demonstrate how to use online resources to identify mapped headwater streams and how to analyze topographic maps and aerial photos to find unmapped streams. We will walk through examples of map analysis to predict the occurrence of streams and discuss how newly identified streams can be incorporated into local conservation planning. There will also be a presentation exploring the role of headwater streams in densely developed cities and villages.


  • Nate Nardi-Cyrus, DEC Hudson River Estuary Program and Cornell University
  • Gretchen Stevens, Hudsonia Ltd
  • Emily Vail, Hudson River Watershed Alliance

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