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Other Mappers

The availability of digital data is constantly increasing, and many other agencies and organizations are using web-based mappers to provide users with easy access to their spatial data. The following list includes online mappers that may be informative for land-use and conservation planning in the estuary watershed.

Tool Source and Description
Environmental Resource Mapper DEC mapper with natural resource and environmental features that are state protected, federally protected, or of conservation concern.
DECinfo Locator DEC mapper with environmental quality and outdoor recreation information.
SEQR EAF Mapper DEC mapper tool designed to help answer some questions from Part I of the Full and Short Environmental Assessment Forms.
New York Nature Explorer DEC mapper with general information about animals, plants, and significant natural communities.
Cultural Resource Information System NY State Historic Preservation Office and Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation online resource on historic places and archaeological zones.
Sea Level Rise and
Tidal Wetland Pathways
Scenic Hudson interactive mapper with projections on sea level rise and tidal wetland migration.
Hudson River Flood Impact Decision Support System Mapping tool designed to help users assess the impacts of flooding and inform planning decisions in municipalities bordering the Hudson River and Westchester Long Island Sound shoreline.
Web Soil Survey National Resource Conservation Service mapper with county soil survey data.
The National Map United States Geological Survey mapper with topography, hydrography, and land cover data.
Discover GIS Data NY

NY State mapper with orthoimagery.

iMapInvasives Data Collaborative, GIS-based database and mapping tool that serves as the official invasive species database for New York State.